Roxana-Paula Ciobanu

#1 Coh&Co Insider on “the shop experience”

At Coh&Co we like to think about things and try to improve on them. A part of that is the in-store sales experience. We are a small brand and your “walk-in” customers may not be familiar with the Coh&Co range – how do you help them discover our brand?
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N-lock bicycle lock

Kit your bike for everyday urban life

We love our bikes and we ride them every day. A big part of that is having the proper kit and making sure that they’re fitted for the weather and service. At Coh&Co we have designed our bikes with urban living in mind and since they are quite unique they have required some unique solutions....
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erik urban green bicycle

What about Black Friday?

Black Friday is just days away and it is once again time to look into the mirror of "ethical consumerism" and reflect upon how we can find a balance between More, Better, and Responsible.
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WOOCA in movement at SMK

WOOCA in movement at SMK

One week ago, we had the opportunity to experience our WOOCA bike as part of a performance at the Danish National Museum of Art, "UNBOXING, THE GOODIEPAL COLLECTION". Artists David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo (Colombia) and Gianluca Elia (Italy) did a so-called "noise piece", probably best described by themselves: "Movement for Static Action". The artists explore ideas around...
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Hilton Bankside bikes

Building sustainable relations through cycling  

In these Corona times, travel has become a rarety. Airports bring ghost towns to mind and while a recent trip to London has been a friendly experience we can’t help feeling that there is something unsolidary about traveling at a time when we, as a global community, have taken unprecedented steps to isolate and distance ourselves from...
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1% for the Planet

We have made no secret of the fact that we love bikes!

We also love the lifestyle and freedom afforded us by our bicycles. Wheels transform us into the swift and agile beings we dream of being. Soaring through city streets and zipping around town can’t avoid making one feel good, healthy, and putting a smile on just about any face.  There is a lifestyle associated with...
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erik urban close-up

Most of our design ideas are driven by one question: How can we be better?

Last week we wrote about Erik and Mattis, and how Erik was designed as a daily companion in urban life. This time we delve into some of the ideas behind the design, and why we made the design decisions we did. 
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Mattis Gravel Bike out of the city

Erik and Mattis – two spirits forged of stone

Interview with Co-founder Paul Harder Cohen about the design of our Erik urban – and how its twin bike Mattis pushed us into the wonderful world of Gravel cycling.
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Art bike

Art Bike

We invited former Dutch national champion cyclist turned designer, Iris Slappendel, to cover the first ever StoneWeave frame in her colourful style – the result is spectacular if we dare say so ourselves. This very special one-off StoneWeave Art Bike is up for auction and comes complete with an urban hardware package – single speed,...
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