Building sustainable relations through cycling  

In these Corona times, travel has become a rarety. Airports bring ghost towns to mind and while a recent trip to London has been a friendly experience we can’t help feeling that there is something unsolidary about traveling at a time when we, as a global community, have taken unprecedented steps to isolate and distance ourselves from each other in the name of health and common sense. 

Nonetheless, a few weeks ago we were called to London to welcome our new cycling  Ambassadors at the Hilton London Bankside hotel.

“We are proud to be collaborating with Hilton London Bankside hotel – an iconic one of its kind with a strong environmental and social focus and a pioneer for sustainability in the travel industry”. 

Located in the heart of the vibrant cultural quarter of Bankside, Hilton Bankside Hotel is built around an old warehouse that was repurposed in 2015. 

At Hilton London Bankside you can find more than the usual amenities like the pool and recreation center. The hotel also accommodates a Vegan suite, beehives on the grass rooftop – and now also Coh&Co bicycles.

Bicycles born of volcanic rock

So….. What drew them to us? Hotel manager Mr. James Clark made it quite clear when he told us that they were drawn by the unusual sustainable cornerstone of Coh&Co’s urban bicycles, our StoneWeave technology. 

StoneWeave is what we call our proprietary composite of basalt fiber, carbon fiber, and our groundbreaking reclaimable resin matrix. These materials combine to offer the first truly recyclable resin system where we can reclaim not only the fibers from the bicycle frame but the matrix itself.

Coh&Co’s recyclable technology is only one aspect of how we try to take into account the entire product life cycle concluding with a buyback warranty after 10 years of ownership. 

Going Hilton Bankside Rolling


With this new fleet of StoneWeave Coh&Co bikes installed at the hotel, we decided to borrow a couple of bikes (our own) and dashed off into the night to explore the Bankside Neighborhood. Hilton London Bankside has published some maps to help explore the hood but we rolled out on the town on our own and enjoyed exploring this area of London. 

erik urban at hilton bankside

Natural culinary treats

We set off to the bazaar-like “social dining” market at Mercato Metropolitano. This is not the place you should go to if you are looking for a sit-down meal with service – but if great ethnic, sustainable food and a picnic table will do the trick then this is the eatery for you. There is a huge selection of quality culinary colors in a very cool and relaxed atmosphere. 

Given the situation, it was not crowded and although that may not be the case under more normal times (outside of Corona) it is still worth a visit. As difficult as it was to decide, we finally concluded that we couldn’t taste it all so we may as well decide on something…

We went for “authentic-looking” from an Italian vendor offering beautiful dishes from his home town – really a beautiful and consummate experience. 

“MM (Mercato Metropolitano) is a movement of everything that is natural and sustainable, ensuring access to nutritious and adequate food for everyone”. 


Mercato Metropolitano offered everything from craft beer to fish baked over coals on a stick and is definitely a place worth checking out. If not only for the food and atmosphere, then for their local community involvement and actions towards a more sustainable future. 

After a pitstop at the local pub and back at the hotel we decided on a nightcap (why stop now…!?) and went to the lounge bar. Aside from the friendly and attentive staff, the bar has a coveted collection of 100 different gins some of them well-aged (dating back to before the second world war). With a concern for Malaria as an excuse, we thought it was the prime opportunity to taste one or maybe even two of the varieties on hand. 

Bankside area

As the name suggests Hilton London Bankside is situated in Bankside and the industrial past of the area tells a great tale. Riding through the neighborhood on our Coh&Co Eriks opens the door for London South of the Thames. 

Just meters down the road we found the Tate Museum of Modern Art, a converted power station that stands proud and strong up against the bank of the Thames. Just to the east, right next to Millenium Bridge and directly across from St. Pauls Cathedral is a  reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Indeed Bankside has much to offer, stretching along the Thames from London Bridge to Black Friars Bridge the district has rustic shopping opportunities like Borough Market and historical offerings like the reconstruction of Sir Francis Drakes ship “The Golden Hinde” (temporarily closed due to Covid 19).

So having returned to Copenhagen we can look back on an entertaining couple of days in London and can highly recommend visiting the Hilton Bankside and its environs when the opportunity presents itself – hopefully soon. 

Don’t forget to borrow a couple of our bicycles and check out the town!