Coh&Co Copenhagen

We at Coh&Co Copenhagen celebrate the bicycle and the excitement it brings us when we roll through the city on our own power. We celebrate the bicycles pulse and the sense of peacefulness that flows through our bodies when we roll on down those winding country roads on a gorgeous sunny day.

Be it in a Randonnée, on a cycling vacation or commuting to work we appreciate the symbiosis and comradery  that we share with our mechanical friend – the sense of freedom we create when we are together. In a daily high paced routine of obligations we celebrate the machine where we are the motor. A machine that in all its simplicity transforms us.

Coh&Co Copenhagen is a young Danish company that designs and manufactures unique bicycles. Our bicycles distinguish themselves by utilizing unique material technologies and design concepts with the goal of producing bicycles that can last for generations, offer a great ride and will bring a lot of satisfaction on the roll.