Coh&Co Insider on "the shop experience"

At Coh&Co we like to think about things and try to improve on them. A part of that is the in-store sales experience. We are a small brand and your “walk-in” customers may not be familiar with the Coh&Co range – how do you help them discover our brand?

We would like to help you present our bikes to your customers in a tasteful and respectable manner. We’ve introduced a product line – or a set of tools – to help you present our bikes in a cool and viable manner in small spaces. 

We call this line Xibit

All of our Xibit kits are intended to be compact and easily stored, so that they will be a welcome addition to your shop – not a pain.

Our exhibits are all “Flat-pack” so it is easy to ship and even easier to set up.

And in most cases it allows a shop to exhibit a bike and save valuable square meters at the same time. 

All of our current Xibit kits are made of birch plywood veneer from FSC certified harvest and that translates into a sustainable low carbon exhibit that looks great and wears well. 

A few things to keep in mind…


Going Vertical

When introducing a new brand like ours it’s really important to make it stand out. A Coh&Co bicycle being the unique product it is will draw attention to itself and engage customers if displayed in a prominent manner. Part of that is what we could call going Vertical. We have 3 Vertical stands available that allow you to exhibit our bikes on end.

Cargo bikes take up quite a bit of room but with a vertical cargo bike stand, our bikes will stand out and stand proud while taking up…less than 1 sqm…of your exhibiting space.

Pulling bikes in and out of the stands is a painless operation and with a little bit of explanation, one person can easily take down a bike from its stand and prepare it for a test ride in the course of a minute or so and then return it when the customer is done.

4 bikes in less than 1,8 sqm!

Up to four bicycles can be conveniently displayed in less than 1,8 sqm including the overhang for wheels and handlebars.

Our 4-bike tower is part of Coh&Co’s history. Originally we designed this stand for our first bike show in Berlin and it has been a faithful friend ever since. This stand allows you to exhibit 4 bikes in a space of about 2 sqm and it even has room for laptops and shelves to place sales material on for curious customers. There is also a storage area for a floor pump and a good load of extra brochures underneath. 

Two bikes in 0,8 Sqm!

Our 2 bike “tree” is our newest addition to the Xibit range. The tree allows us to present two bikes at a time in a minimum of space in a dynamic manner.  

Bike cubes 

…are an elegant manner to exhibit bicycles and they can be chained together in any number of configurations to fill the specific needs of the exhibit. They also make a great coffee table at any sitting lounge where customers can sit while waiting for service.

POS material & light displays

Coh&Co develops and releases postcards and graphic sales material on a regular basis as needed. As a Coh&Co point of sale, you are of course always welcome to request material and we will also be happy to be of assistance in helping you develop sales material specific to your needs. It is also possible to subscribe to our sales material and receive quarterly shipments of new sales material as needed. With a subscription, you are sure never to run out of literature and always to have the newest sales material on hand to present the product line as well as possible. 

For a final touch in your shop, we offer light displays with our logo and selected images. We are keen to design this together with you to make sure it matches your shop’s interior design.

How to order

Get in touch with us to order your preferred kit for your shop. If you have any special request other than what you find in our catalogue, we would love to hear them!