Transpyr – Crossing the Pyrenees on a WOOCA bike

We at Coh&Co enjoy discovering and exploring just how unique a riding experience our WOOCA fiber frames are. The resilience of the frame absorbs road “noise” like nothing else out there, while the carbon/wood combination provides a stiffness and power transfer unmatched by anything else on the road.

Our current generation of bikes are maturing, and part of that is them finding their way onto the road as competitive machines for distance riding. With finished build weights at ICU minimum we can put competitive kits on the road and provide the kind of comfort that kan keep a rider fresh and lively even after many hours in the saddle.


Transpyr Backroads 2017

Next week we are of to the north of Spain to follow our very own Sergio Sanchez Alcalde as he crosses the back bone of the Pyrenees. Sergio is an integral part of our crew doing CAD work and laminating work on the production floor. He is also responsible for our hardware selection and mechanical assembly.

Sergio has been a cycling enthusiast and an avid cyclist all of his life and has decided to take his Coh&Co steed with him on this adventure – the rest of us look forward to being there and cheering him along.

Sergio is originally from the Atlantic coast of Spain but this trip is no casual visit home. During the course of 7 days he will endeavor to ride just under 1100 kilometers with 20 kilometers altitude gain through 44 mountain passes. Follow the riders from the Transpyr Backroads website from June 10.

Stories from on and off the road

As we go along we will be posting videos on our YouTube channel following Sergio in the build up towards the big race – and of course we will be right there behind him all the way to tell his story.

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