Transpyr – ‘Gallego’ and Gustav back home

Sergio and his Gustav 530 have now completed the Transpyr Backroads 2017 randonee. Sergio has been working with us for almost two years and although he has ridden many kilometers on our WOOCA frames he has never had the opportunity to really run with the ball. Most of his spring training this year has been done on his trusty carbonfiber Gios frame. For the Transpyr we built a new stock Gustav frame and fitted it with a set of carbon medium profile wheels and a SRAM Red Groupset. All in all the hottest performance kit we can offer without going over the edge. She weighed in at under 7,5 kilos ready to roll and she was stiffer and smoother than any other frame of her size on the market.


Back home in Copenhagen

Riding a Transpyr is a human story built on sweat and comraderi. Sergio has spent two years with us helping to develop and streamline production technology and processes to further develop the best performance frame we could. Our biggest challenge through this time has been to take the one-off/custom style  build process we had originally developed and make it into a series production process – this is why Sergios Transpyr frame is a completely stock build, it is also the first frame to come out of this streamlined process.


Hear his own afterthoughts on the trip and the experience of the bike: