Kit your bike for everyday urban life

We love our bikes and we ride them every day. A big part of that is having the proper kit and making sure that they’re fitted for the weather and service.

At Coh&Co we have designed our bikes with urban living in mind and since they are quite unique they have required some unique solutions. We are proud of the range of products we have sourced and we believe that together with our bikes urban cycling becomes easier and more fun.

Mud protection

One of the most obvious accessories to get a bike ready for everyday life is fitting it with a set of fenders. Coh&Co has developed a specific series of fenders to accommodate our Erik urban bikes and our Mattis gravel bikes. These are based on Curanas C-Lite blades custom manufactured to meet the needs of our bikes. This includes a double set of stays for the rear wheel fender and some unique mounting hardware. C-Lite is composed of a unique aluminum and plastic laminate that provides an exceptionally stiff fender with a very thin cross-section making it both light and elegantly simple. Stays and fittings are either plastic or stainless steel.  


Now we get to a matter of temperament – kickstands. We have developed a kickstand mount specifically suited for our signature open rear triangle. These kickstand mounts work together with our fenders. While we must say that we do not use a kickstand ourselves we do have many customers that do, so check it out here if it’s on your list of must-haves. 

Theft prevention

Next on the list of urban accessories is probably a lock. Our urban Erik and Mattis gravel bikes do not accommodate a frame-mounted lock and that is why we have chosen to align ourselves with tex–lock. tex–lock wraps comfortably around the seat post or a baggage rack and its wonderfully soft feel means it’s easy on the finish without the same risk of chipping or scratching as may be the case with a classic chain. On top of that tex–lock is relatively low weight.

Combined with the ingenious N-lock which lets you disengage the handlebar from the front wheel, so that the bike is impossible to steer, you have a pretty safe setup for leaving your bike in the street whilst out for lunch or grocery shopping.

Parking your bicycle

Speaking of N-lock, aside from being a smart tool for preventing thieves from riding off with your bicycle, it also serves as a great way to save space when parking or transporting your bicycle. Folding your bicycle flat is great for parking your bike inside a small flat or garage, or even on the back of a car if you’re heading out of the city.

Transporting “stuff”


Rear Rack

Shopping and transporting things is definitely a part of daily urban living and we do love our rear pannier racks. Be it for summer vacation with panniers on both sides or for a stop past the grocery shop our rear racks gets a daily workout. There are two options for a rear rack, take a look here.

Front Rack

A rear rack is a quite solid option and although we don’t offer a forward rack suited for panniers for the Erik we do have the option of fitting a front-mounted basket style rack that accommodates a bit of shopping and is very convenient for personal items. 

Lighting up the dark

One of our favorite pieces of kit is a front-wheel hub Dynamo that can be integrated with front and rear lights. We have teamed up with SuperNova bicycle lights from Germany and their lights really light up the road. 

Ring that bell 

Last but not least is a bell. Bells are more than just convenient they are also a piece of safety equipment. We have chosen the Knog Oi which wraps snuggly around your handlebar providing a polished solution to an age-old design challenge. They come in two variations, Basic and Luxe.

So when considering a new bike, it’s essential to consider what accessories you’ll be needing for daily life and when and how you will be using it. If you’re only out for a roll through town in fair weather then you may be able to keep on the light side but if your ride is going to be a daily companion to take you too and from work, you may want to consider fitting it with some more bells and whistles.