Coh&Co Copenhagen 2021

Lifetime warranty

At Coh&Co Copenhagen AS we take great pride in fashioning high-quality bicycle frames from high-quality materials. Our frames are designed to last a lifetime and we endeavor to endow them with everything it takes to make sure that they will stand beside you as long as can be expected. Therefore, all Coh&Co Copenhagen AS bicycle frames that are registered from the date of receipt in our Recapture program are warranted for the life of the owner.

This warranty covers critical material and/or critical workmanship defects; defects must have existed at the time of delivery of the bicycle.

This warranty does not warrant against failure due to normal fatigue during use, nor does it warrant against abuse or lack of maintenance/ service /repair as prescribed in the maintenance manual provided with your bicycle.

We believe in our frames and we carefully choose the materials that we use. This warranty is our way of telling you that we stand behind our work. In light of this, this warranty is intended to represent an agreement. If you take care of your Coh&Co bicycle, then we will stand by that you will have a friend by your side for many years to come.



This warranty does not warrant, or reflect upon, the service life of the finishing system. Paints and varnishes will need to be maintained and serviced throughout the life of the bicycle and the level of service/ repair required is greatly dependent upon the abuse the finishing system will be subjected to. Nicks and scratches must be coated and refinished appropriately as to avoid water/ moisture ingress or UV degradation of the underlying material.

This warranty applies only to bicycles and framesets purchased from and assembled by Coh&Co Copenhagen AS or an authorized representative thereof.

This warranty imparts a responsibility upon our customers. The purchaser must maintain, service, and use the bicycle/frames as intended and prescribed in the maintenance manuals provided with the bicycle. All bicycles require maintenance and regular inspection to ensure consistent and safe performance. If you are in doubt about how often you need to look after your bicycle or its components then ask us or one of our authorized representatives.

This warranty covers Coh&Co Copenhagen AS framesets. Third-party products are covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty.

This warranty does not cover failures resulting from, or related to, the installation of components/parts not originally intended for, or deemed by Coh&Co Copenhagen AS to be incompatible with the frameset/bicycle as sold.

Our frames are carefully designed and constructed. Modification of the frame or associated components/ parts will immediately void this warranty.

This warranty applies to the repair or replacement of the parts under warranty, and repair or replacement of these components is the only remedy/ responsibility implied by this warranty. Bicycles with warranty questions must be returned to Coh&Co Copenhagen AS and if deemed to be within the terms of warranty they will be repaired and/ or replaced at the sole discretion of Coh&Co Copenhagen AS.

This warranty does not cover shipping to and from The Coh&Co Copenhagen factory. Shipping of warranty items within the first 2 years of sale must be paid by the buyer and will be reimbursed after inspection of the product when the warranty claim is approved. Nor does it cover labor, material, or service charges, for part replacement or the changeover of parts.

A bicycle is a dynamic machine and consumables like tires, wheels, bottom brackets, spokes, brake pads, chains, wheels, cassettes and the like will need maintenance and replacement during the life of the bicycle. Such service is outside the scope of this warranty but must be carried out to uphold the agreement implied within this warranty. 

As with all goods sold in the EU, we provide our customers with the required warranty against any defects presumed to have existed at the time of delivery and which become apparent within a period of two years from the point at which the buyer has received the product. These terms reflect the standard European Union ”legal purchase guarantee”.

In addition to the standard Legal guarantee, internet sales are covered by the EU dictated 14 day right of return. Should you choose to return a product purchased over the internet within the 14 days then he or she will need to return it in the same condition as it was shipped and preferably in the same packaging as it was shipped. Shipment costs for undamaged return products returned because the buyer has changed his or her mind within the 14 day return period, are to be borne by the buyer. Such returns are only valid for internet purchases. Shipment costs for warranty claimed items are to be borne by the buyer and will be reimbursed by Coh&Co Copenhagen A/S after the product has been inspected and the warranty claim is seen to have merit.