Meet Erik Electric

Lightweight, seamless, electric.

Being part of the Coh&Co family you should be familiar with our signature StoneWeave frames developed for the Erik Urban and Mattis Gravel bikes. Based on carbon and basalt, StoneWeave is our groundbreaking, recyclable frame technology – a sustainable and sensible material choice for cycling in an urban environment.

We love these bikes for everyday urban riding and for going on a romp in the woods on the weekends. And to be completely honest, good old manual pedaling has always been our passion when it comes to cycling. It is simple, easy, fun, and all you really need to do is get your lovely behind in the saddle and go.

Having said that…

“…we do acknowledge that a bit of a following breeze can be desirable – and in some cases even a necessity – for getting oneself out there and choosing two wheels over four!”

So here he is, our electrified Erik Urban

Designed and kitted out from the same ideas about seamless and enjoyable urban cycling as always when introducing a Coh&Co bicycle. 

Our main goal when designing Erik Electric evolved around a truly seamless riding experience. Many e-bikes are, in our humble opinion, overly complicated and aesthetically unpleasing. Especially for urban riding, all that most of us really need is just that bit of gentle tailwind, to make it to our destination in a smooth and comfortable manner. 

Integrated and seamless

We have spent a lot of time searching for the right way to go about this and have fallen for a nicely integrated solution that lets us keep Erik looking and feeling like the Erik that we so love. 

With a lightweight and simple rear hub system, where motor and battery are integrated into one, we have designed an electric bicycle that weighs only 13 kilos and still feels and looks like Erik – a smooth, responsive, and playful companion in the city streets. 

Apart from keeping the motor, battery, and sensors integrated into its own ecosystem in the rear hub of the wheel, this system also offers a unique feature of regenerative braking. Regenerative braking allows you to recharge the battery while cycling solely with a bit of backpedaling. It works much the same way as when braking with the motor in a car instead of using the actual brakes. It keeps the battery alive for longer and quickly becomes a bit of a fun habit of timing your way towards a red light by braking slowly with your feet.

Book a test ride!

As of now, Erik Electric is available to test ride in several locations:

Contact us or one of our dealers directly to book a ride. 

Should you not be near any of these locations and wish to try the bike, please contact us anyway and we might be able to arrange for a test ride with some of our friends and ambassadors around Europe. Our other dealers will also have the pedal-powered Erik Urban available should this be of interest to you. Find them all here.