The Recapture program

Making Bicycles For Life

Coh&Co is on a mission to raise the bar on how we experience riding, maintaining, and owning our bicycles. We have developed an ecosystem to keep bikes rolling and by your side for many years to come.

It starts at the design process where we push the limits of longevity with our sustainable material technology StoneWeave – and we close the circle with a transferable lifetime buy-back guarantee. We refurbish or recycle every registered bicycle returned to us when it has reached the final crossroads in its lifecycle.


This is the ownership and product ecosystem we call “Recapture”, and this is why we like to say that Coh&Co builds Bicycles for life.

Here is how it works

With our Recapture program Coh&Co is offering to buy back any Coh&Co branded bicycle after it has rounded ten years of service – either to refurbish and resell the bike, or to recycle the frame material and repurpose it. Customers can register for Recapture when buying a Coh&Co bicycle and ownership can be passed on, either to us or a new owner together with the buy-back guarantee. 

1. Register ownership

When receiving your new Coh&Co bicycle, either directly from us or from one of our Ambassador shops, all you have to do is opt in online to register for our Recapture program.


Each bike comes with a QR code and a frame number and these can be used to create an ownership profile that initiates the Recapture program. Once the program is initiated it will provide you with maintenance manuals and guides and keep a digital profile of your bike.


This is your personal warranty and it is valid forever as long as you maintain an uninterrupted registration profile. Coh&Co’s warranty is transferrable should you wish to pass on ownership of the bike, and as such acts as theft protection as well. Transfer of ownership takes a day or two and needs to be approved through Coh&Co in Copenhagen – this helps us to confirm that ownership is being transferred with your consent and not by a third party.

2. Lifetime buyback

After 10 years of ownership, the Recapture program warranty converts into a buyback guarantee in which Coh&Co Copenhagen buys back used bicycles. Whenever practical and possible we will always choose to refurbish a used bike for resale and get it back out on the streets. If doing so is not practical then, we are dedicated to reclaiming the StoneWeave material, so that it can be properly recycled and repurposed for new products in other industries.

3. Refurbishment, resale or recycling

We are often asked, “What will happen to the bike after you buy it back?” and “What is the buyback price?”


Buyback prices are evaluated upon return of a bicycle at Coh&Co Copenhagens facilities and are at the discretion of Coh&Co Copenhagen. At a minimum, a heavily damaged frame will be returned to us at our expense and we can dispose of it responsible making sure that the frame material is recycled as intended. Our unique material technology StoneWeave makes it possible for us to extract the fibers as well as the matrix in a condition where they can find a new life in other industrial products in the plastics industry.


However, if a bike is in usable condition and can be rejuvenated or restored we will do so and sell it to a new owner. A portion of the proceed will go to the owner that returned the bike or be donated to a 1% for the Planet partner.


Buyback proceeds are first remitted when a refurbished bicycle has been sold to a new owner. Remittance can be in the form of cash or purchasing buying credits for new Coh&Co products. We will let you know how much you can expect to be credited for a bicycle when it is restored and ready for resale.

A short word on recycling composites.

Coh&Co’s Stoneweave technology is unique and lets us make the world’s first recyclable composite bicycles.


As you may be aware, carbon fiber composites have a very high CO2 footprint and we can’t hide this – on the other hand, they have the potential for a very long lifespan and they open the door for some unique design opportunities. No one can deny the fact that when measured by the kilo carbon fiber composites have a CO2 footprint several times that of a material like steel or aluminum. Fortunately, we do not need a lot of it to make a great bike. 


What StoneWeave is essentially opening the door for, is reutilizing these materials so that their material lifespan has a proportionally lower material lifecycle footprint. We believe that in recycling StoneWeave we can reduce the material CO2 footprint so that it becomes comparable to and even better than aluminum while still offering the fantastic design opportunities that composites are so famous for. 


How is this done? In short, we can dissolve the resin system back out of the retired frame. This is done utilizing a controlled low-energy chemical process that relinquishes near virgin fiber and a series of resin substrates, all of which can be transferred to other areas in the industry.