What about Black Friday?

Black Friday is just days away and it is once again time to look into the mirror of “ethical consumerism” and reflect upon how we can find a balance between MoreBetter, and Responsible

Somehow it seems that Black Friday 2019 is decades in the past and the tumultuous 12 months that have gone by have brought with them a new perspective on matters. After a year dominated by pandemic events, disastrous forest fires in the western US, and a record number of tropical storms in the North Atlantic we hope that the autumn season offers an opportunity for us all to renew our commitment to making this world a better place and preserving the planet we live on. 

While we here in Scandinavia have been blessed with the mildest November in 52 years (in and of itself a cause for concern), we want to use this window to draw attention to the many things we can do for our planet and each other.

Black Friday is a chance for us all to ask ourselves a question; “What can we do to help make things better”? 

We strongly believe that bikes and a cycling lifestyle is more than just fun and environmentally sound – we also believe cycling as a part of everyday life makes us happier and healthier. Coh&Co’s bikes are designed to be maintainable, long-lasting, and reclaimable but it is how and how often we use them that helps them to change the world.

We would like to take this opportunity to up our pledge to the environment and engage our customers in contributing to the environment while buying a new bike.

…So where does this leave us in relation to Black Friday…?

1% turns into 10% 


Coh&Co Copenhagen is a member of 1% for the Planet and we have pledged our 1% to reduce the global CO2 footprint. In this spirit, we would like to extend our pledge to 10% of all net sales from our webshop to planting trees. 


This is valid throughout the remainder of November.
Join us in our campaign to make things better!

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