WOOCA bikes on the road with Team Coh&Co

There are a lot of ingredients that go into making a good road frame. Some of these are easily quantified like, for example, weight or geometry or size. Others are a bit more diffuse. This is where the mysteries of design intertwine with material science and why two identical frame geometries can feel so very different when produced with varying materials and stiffness. Although weight savings may (or may not) be of importance, and stiffness is an essentiel ingredient in power transfer, it is much more interesting to look at “HOW” a bike is stiff and “WHAT” price is paid for marginal weight gains.

Build on WOOCA technology our randonnée bikes excel in absorbing those road vibrations that just suck the life out of a rider during the course of the day. At the same time they provide unmatched power transfer and stiffness.

WOOCA Gustav Randonnée

Last spring our very own Sergio Sanchez set out to prove our frames worthy of distance competitions and to earn his nickname “Gallego”. When he first showed up at the start of the Transpyr 2017 fellow riders had a difficult time taking him seriously on his wooden steed. However, with a 7 kilo all up ride weight and loads of power he had the tool at his disposal to prove that he and his machine could live up to the challenge.

We take our hats off for Sergio and we admire his stamina and style, so it is with pride that we still refer to him as “Gallego”. With these experiences on our books and the sweet taste of success in our mouths we decided to form a Coh&Co riding team for the cycling season 2018. You can find them at randonnées all over Europe throughout the summer (see the ride calendar below).

They are of course all kitted out with our WOOCA wood and carbon fiber road frames with SRAM Red Series group sets and lightweight Gipiemme wheels. We call this configuration the Randonnée series. These bikes weigh in at between 6,8 and 7,5 kilos depending on size.

Mallorca 312

Meet the team

Gallego and his colleagues have already started out the season with the Mallorca 312 a few weeks ago. Over the summer they go on to devour another several thousand of kilometers altogether in 7 countries and events around Europe. Sergio has already welcomed friend of the house Mads Hansen to his debut in randonnée riding in Mallorca. Although a rookie in the competitive cycling world, Mads has turned out to be the most ambitious of the team members and have already signed up for 5 events over the next few months!

We would also like to welcome triathlete Emilie Koors Hoff, and David Johnson from the UK to the family. We wish them well and we know that the bikes they are riding will help them to maintain the stamnia requiered to persevere as they challenge themselves on the road … but we still wish them a a good tail wind!

Wherever you are cycling in Europe this summer, there is a good chance that a WOOCA is there too!

Team Coh&Co

Ride calendar

Find the team and their Gustav steeds on the road for the following events over the summer. Should you be so lucky to meet them, they will love to tell you all about the bikes and let you have a go if you wish!

SuperGiroDolomiti, Austria 10.6
Styrkeprøven, Norway 15.-17.6
Vätternrundan, Sweden 15.-16.6
Eroica Britannia, UK 15.-17.6
SkyRoad, Portugal 8.7
Tour du Mont Blanc Cyclo Solo, France 21.7
More to be announced as we go along…

P.S. There will also be a few minor races in Denmark, we will make sure to keep you posted on this.

Sponsored by…

Akupunktur Kbh

Finally, we would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors at Akupunktur Kbh for making our team look, and not the least FEEL good before, during and after riding.