WOOCA in movement at SMK

One week ago, we had the opportunity to experience our WOOCA bike as part of a performance at the Danish National Museum of Art, “UNBOXING, THE GOODIEPAL COLLECTION”. Artists David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo (Colombia) and Gianluca Elia (Italy) did a so-called “noise piece”, probably best described by themselves:

“Movement for Static Action”
The artists explore ideas around life in contemporary societies, through physical exercise and programming practice. A sonic environment built upon mechanic and organic noise, amplified static bicycle, and a stepper.

Enjoy the pictures by Rodrigo Sylwan @rsylwan here below or find out more about the rider and upcoming artist David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo @davidlopezrestrepo

Urban Cycling at the Biennale 


It is not the first time our WOOCA bikes have been included in the world of art and design. In 2015 Coh&Co was nominated for the prestigious Biennale for Craft and Design with these words:

“Coh&Co stimulate our experience of the urban environment with their sustainable and local production of their city bikes. Their bicycle is an innovative spin on the classic diamond model, where the traditionally used heavyweight metal construction elements have been replaced with wood and carbon fiber.

The aesthetics and the design have been executed with detailed craftsmanship. The project particularly reflects Danish tradition in the areas of function, material, and design.

Hand-built in Copenhagen using local materials, this is a sustainable injection into the throwaway culture that is prevalent in much of the cycle production industry. The aesthetic beauty of the bike compels us to take care if it.” 


While we did not win the award back then, our WOOCA Gustav was soon after acquired for the exhibition “Danish Design Now” at Designmuseum Danmark.

Another take on urban bicycles


Since then our design ideas, and with it, our product range, have taken a leap forward into the urban bicycle world. Everyday cycling is at the core of what we do, so designing and making bikes for an urban lifestyle makes sense to us.  

Erik Urban was born of the idea of a bike that was easy to maintain, had a high ride quality, and would provide its rider with a sense of joy and satisfaction when zipping through town and going about one’s daily life. 

We have written a bit about our urban design ideas earlier. If you missed it, it might be worth the read.