Our WOOCA bikes are made from European Ash, designed for optimal performance and a smooth riding experience.

Aage and Gustav

Designed for the road, our Aage and Gustav models are performance-oriented frames that are lightweight, stiff, and durable. Where Gustav has the geometry of a steep racing frame and will keep your ride lively and adventurous, Aage is the more laid back oriented touring frame for long-distance riding.

For urban rides, we have build configurations of Aage and Gustav to suit a city lifestyle. Be it for laid-back cruising or a sporty commute, our WOOCA Urban bikes offer a smooth, elegant, and lively ride through town.

All of our WOOCA frames are build on our own unique WOOCA material technology, each in their own way providing unparalleled riding experiences. Choose any one of our frames or just send us an email and we will gladly help you in the process of making sure that your gear matches to create your dream bike.

Refurbished or imperfect

A refurbished team bike with slight imperfections or simply used and rebuilt, we sometimes have a few bikes in stock seeking new owners. Get in touch to hear if there is something for you.

WOOCA | Frames

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WOOCA bikes on the road

WOOCA bikes on the road with Team Coh&Co

There are a lot of ingredients that go into making a good road frame. Some of these are easily quantified like, for example, weight or geometry or size. Others are a bit more diffuse. This is where the mysteries of design intertwine with material science and why two identical frame geometries can feel so very...
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WOOd and CArbon


Why a wood and carbon bike? As designers and engineers we are fascinated by materials and our pallete of material tools here at Coh&Co Copenhagen is quite broad. We began as carbonfiber/ composite specialists in the marine industry and have since gained considerable experience in the design and manufacturing of different projects, utilizing everything from...
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Transpyr – ‘Gallego’ and Gustav back home

Sergio and his Gustav 530 have now completed the Transpyr Backroads 2017 randonee. Sergio has been working with us for almost two years and although he has ridden many kilometers on our WOOCA frames he has never had the opportunity to really run with the ball. Most of his spring training this year has been...
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Transpyr – 7 Days On A WOOCA Bike

As we talked about in the stage 1 journal post, cycling is often reduced to numbers. The second stage of the Transpyr 2017 backroads brought us back to the human element. Here is the story from a 7 day randonnee across the back bones of the Pyrenees on a WOOCA bike. (If you missed the previous posts, you...
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Transpyr Backroads – The adventure begins

Bicycle racing is often about statistics and numbers, and all though the Transpyr is not really as much of a competition as it is a sporting adventure; it is a challenge. As in life, the race can be long and hard and it is often against ones self. Sergio and the rest of the Transpyr...
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Transpyr – Crossing the Pyrenees on a WOOCA bike

We at Coh&Co enjoy discovering and exploring just how unique a riding experience our WOOCA fiber frames are. The resilience of the frame absorbs road “noise” like nothing else out there, while the carbon/wood combination provides a stiffness and power transfer unmatched by anything else on the road. Our current generation of bikes are maturing,...
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